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Made my first A to E drum and have a question

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  • Made my first A to E drum and have a question

    I converted a 14in to using a 20mm piezo. Everything works but the sensitivity is trash. If I'm not hitting directly on the cone I get no sound. Is it safe to assume that 20mm is to small of a piezo? I used it because I had it laying g around from building cigar box guitars.

    I'm using an alesis nitro module for now


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    It does seem a bit small but I would still think you would get a better response. Are the connections ok? Is the cone fixed well and good material? What head are you using?
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      make sure the cone makes good contact to the head (3mm above the rim) Turn the head up real tight.
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        Sorry I should have added some more detail there. I kind of just threw it together quick so that I could see if it would work which In hind sight wasn't a great idea.

        Cone is 3M sanding pads. I do have double sided tape between the 2 halves and between the cone and piezo. This is probably part of the problem. Its approx. 1.5mm above the rim.

        Heads are screen mesh. One layer sewn to the hoop and then 2 more on top.

        When I ran it through superior drummer I couldIa decent hit with the snare mic all the way up but still in a small radious.


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          Can you turn the gain up for your pad, in the Alesis nitro?
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            I'm a actually not sure. I will have to check


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              Nope no gain control in the module. I took the drum apart and removed the double sided tape. Also took it down to just a single ply. It is worlds different but the radious is still rather small. Perhaps the piezo is to small for a 14inch drum?


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                20mm is too small, i use 35mm on my 14" snare and 20" kick drum and 27mm on toms. 35mm on all rim triggers
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