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Have finished research on acoustic conversion - looking for comments and advice

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  • Have finished research on acoustic conversion - looking for comments and advice

    I've got a Ludwig Accent Combo 5 piece kit I'm going to convert with:

    1. Jobeky Tri-Ply mesh heads 5 piece bundle
    2. UFOdrums eBridge 5 drum conversion kit (foam cone piezo sensors bundled with cross bar mounts)
    3. MegaDrum kit - 32 input aluminum case with large LCD.

    The above will total about $500.

    The goal is too be able to control volume in home rehearsal space.

    Software is SD3 running on 12 inch Dell laptop with Behringer UMC202HD interface.

    Amplification is Alto TS115's with upgraded Eminence Kappa C 15's.

    I'm looking into the Zildjian LV468 kit for quiet cymbals.

    Will be rehearsing classic rock and funk/jazz with keyboard, guitar and bass in a 12x12 room.

    I researched on this and other forums, talking with drummers and reviews. Any comments/advice appreciated.

    BTW, for keyboards I'm running 100 percent VST plugins with a midi keyboard and Cantabile as the host, that's working well.
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    How much does the MegaDrum run for? You're only looking at a small kit - you could get away with a used Roland TD4 for VST triggering duties.
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      Hi molson - If dmitri assembles the 32 input module it's $265 shipped. If you buy the kit it's about $180. You question is a good one - others have commented that I should look for a used module just to keep it simpler. I just looked on ebay - the one TD4 for sale is asking $175. UPDATE - just saw one for $125 from a good seller
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        It took me 8 months to finally pull the "trigger' on the acoustic conversion. I decided to get the MegaDrum because I already have an extra laptop/usb interface (Lenovo i5-3360, 16GB, 512SSD - Behringer UMC204HD) running Cantabile mounted on a stand. All I have to do is build a small shelf under the laptop to mount the MegaDrum unit. For sounds I will use Superior Drums 2, Jamstix or the SM MegaReaper Drumkit. I decided to buy the triple ply mesh heads from Mitch at Ufodrums.

        Any tips or links on things I should know as I go about installing and fine tuning would be very appreciated.
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          Iíll be digging into my MegaDrum module this weekend and am eager to see just how ďdifficultĒ it really is after years of development and tweaking by Dmitri and the rest of the community. I already own an Alesis Strike module, so Iím coming from a fairly simple, but under-performing midi interface and wanted something more suited for detailed trigger management rather than a glorified sub-par sample engine. That said, Iím prepared (and so should you be) for some tuning and tweaking time in order to get the best performance out of the module... Patience leads to fruitful rewards so Iím told.

          Superior Drummer 2/3 is a solid eDrum-centric DAW (vs a simple VSTi) so youíre definitely in good hands there if thatís your direction. Personally, Iíve used the GetGood libraries, SSD5, EZdrummer 2, and Superior Drummer 3, and while SD3 has a lot more in terms of features and options, Iíve found it to be the best match for me personally when dialing in my ďperfectĒ tone.

          I guess my big tip or pointer would be to just take your time and make sure you dial in everything. Iíve spent hours diving into online forums, scouring YouTube, and trying to refine my Google searches to come close to finding what I needed answers with. But where I didnít find answers I found that just experimenting with the interfaces often led me to the right solution. Itís easy to get frustrated, but Iíve found some really incredible playing/sounding setups since I first jumped in the eDrum waters. So donít get discouraged if you can help it...

          Good luck and post up your results when you get things sorted.
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            Hi Rdubu,

            Thanks for the advice and encouraging words. You're right that when reading the forums you don't get all the answers but it takes you almost all the way. I followed a video Dmitri had a link to to get started with adjusting parameters on the Megadrum for each drum trigger. On the sample side I got better results with the Jamstix Bonzo Pak I've been using for "AI drums" than with Superior drummer just because it worked fairly well right out of the box. Superior Drummer is going to take some tweaking.


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              Originally posted by dsteinschneider View Post
              On the sample side I got better results with the Jamstix Bonzo Pak
              I never heard about Jamstix before, can you tell me in which form audio samples come? Are them proprietary VST audio as usual or can those be read on other sample players as plain Wav or similar?
              I have a Megadrum too, other than a TD-12, I would like to use sound samples with a free SFZ player (like the SFZ version of the SM Drums).
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                Here's the description of Jamstix from their website:

                <This ground-breaking virtual drummer runs synchronized with your DAW as an instrument plugin and features in-depth real-time modeling of various genres and human drummers with their own habits, accents, timing feel and fill characteristics. Put aside those static MIDI loops and easily create realistic drum performances with unmatched nuances, feel and dynamic responsiveness.>

                I bought Jamstix to practice bass and keyboard parts with. Because "virtual drumming" is complicated there is a learning curve to tame it. Out of the box the drumming is a little wild with over busy fills. The developer, Ralph Zeuner is very responsive on the forum and helped me get it to do a fairly good emulation of R&B/Soul drumming. I bought the basic program and over time added more samples (Paks) and the percussion module. It's a better deal if you wait for a sale and buy one of his suites like "Jamstix Studio".

                The Bonzo Pak includes samples that are meant to sound like John Bonham's 70's drums. I love a kit called Bonzo Pak - Dry. Without any tweaking it sounds good for what I'm working on.

                The VST can operate in 4 modes. One is the AI doing all the drumming. The second and third modes are it can listen to input from an instrument or VST and vary the dynamics based on how hard or soft you play that instrument. The final mode is MIDI playback which it acts like a drum module.


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                  Jamstix looks really intriguing... Iíll have to give it a shot at some point
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