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Isolation Platform - Foam vs. Platfoam vs. Tennis Balls vs. Sylomer vs. ??

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  • Isolation Platform - Foam vs. Platfoam vs. Tennis Balls vs. Sylomer vs. ??

    I am building an isolation platform for my modified 2Box kit to reduce vibration and impact noise to the rooms below.
    I began with 10mm rubber matting from Homebase ( which had minimal effect on the noise downstairs, but did reduce some of the noise in the room.
    I added a 18mm plywood sheet, and put that on top of the rubber. This had a noticeable effect of reducing the noise below, but not enough.
    I had some 75mm (3") thick foam (actually made up of 1" memory foam bonded to 2" normal foam). I tried a full sheet of that under the plywood (and put the rubber on top) but that was not effective at all (it barely moved / compressed when the kit was played). I put two short lengths under each short side, and that was the best sound isolation I found, but the platform was (not surprisingly) unstable and wobbled a lot when played.
    I thought a neat solution might be to cut a hollow rectangle so that there was a 10cm width of foam all around the edge of the platform, but this was as ineffective as the full sheet (maybe because the air in the middle was trapped?)
    Anyway, I've put two long strips under the long sides of the platform, and that is providing good isolation, but still a little too much wobble.
    The 3" foam is compacted to just over 1" high (at rest)

    I'm considering what options I could try next. I've read many articles on the tennis ball designs, and also considered (but rejected) the Jackson method (all respect to the design and commitment, but there is no way I will get approval from the wife for a solution built from paving slabs and tyres!).
    I'm also looking at Auralex Platfoam ( or similar (

    I'm concerned that the Platfoam is designed for a different purpose - to allow the kit above to resonate freely. Is that going to have a similar effect of reducing downward impact noise? Does anyone have any experience of these products? I'm assuming they are similar to studio monitor isolation foam, i.e. quite firm? I'm not convinced that is going to offer good impact isolation for my platform?

    Tennis Balls are probably my next area of experimentation; is it worth testing Tennis Balls between the plywood and floor (carpet) - possibly using offcuts of foam to stop them rolling off - or does it require the second sheet of wood on the floor to further spread the impacts?

    I've researched Sylomer a little ( and also this that appears to be similar ( - I haven't weighed the elements of my kit yet, but the weight limits of these pads (15-20Kg) and the fact that you need to load them to a certain amount gives me concern. Four (very small) pads would appear to need 60-80Kg of weight, and although my kit is heavy, I can lift it complete (so I'd be surprised if it was that heavy - I'm not that strong!

    The other thought is to look at increasing the mass of the platform - possibly with Plasterboard and green glue?

    Any thoughts or suggestions greatly appreciated....
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    I was in the same boat as you ,i put down a rubber mat (the kind with holes) and carpet on top,didn't work so i ditched my kd120 and went to my full sized bass drum and crammed it full of pillows,was quieter than my kd 120 but still didn't work so the last thing i did was took a tennis ball and cut it in half and put 1 half under each bass drum leg and there hasn't been a complaint since i did that. 40904804_2139771119684085_3199366506529947648_n.jpg?_nc_cat=0&oh=1c5ef1488279e9fe8d3c3335868cbca6&oe=5C264F28.jpg


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      Thanks - I saw your posts just after I posted mine. I'm really pleased it is working well for you - to be honest I assumed (probably incorrectly) that most of the impact noise was transmitted downwards from the pedal, but I guess from your success it is going into the pad and then down the legs....
      I think it's certainly worth trying some tennis balls as the next 'low cost' experiment.... If it doesn't work out, then the dog will be happy with them afterwards


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        We had best success with a product offered by a company called CDM. They provide natural rubber pads that you can use to create a floating platform (like plywood raft, at least 2 layers).
        Their product is called CDM-DPM and comes with batt insulation and is the same system used for world-class recording studios worldwide. The pads would be placed 12" or 16" on center with the batt insulation between the pads. Products can be found at


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          there is no such discussion anymore

          with these i play heel up in my flat

          a miraculous product to cut vibration (it's important to use the right amount, described in video and in the link)


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            Originally posted by ditto View Post
            there is no such discussion anymore


            with these i play heel up in my flat

            a miraculous product to cut vibration (it's important to use the right amount, described in video and in the link)
            Very interesting Ditto. So did you build yours just as noted in the video or did you modify?


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              i use them in small pedal platforms but mate, I have been fighting with edrum vibration for 12 years, havent seen anything like this...go for it, u will be amazed (it's an extremely dense foam, i think this is the secret)


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                I don't need it yet but we're looking at moving into a "retirement complex" - go figure. My drumming may become an issue which I really don't want to abandon so I'm just considering my options.

                Thanks. . . .


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                  I've experienced the same issue, but only in certain situations/venues, and very infrequently. Typically, we can work around it (ie: moving the subs out from under the trailer/stage during and outdoor show), but I have had some rather scary floor support that transmitted too much resonance. Outside of building a large platform, has anyone else found a smaller, "throw in the trailer" emergency solution?
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