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2 zone snare for Yamaha DTX700

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  • 2 zone snare for Yamaha DTX700

    i own a yamaha dtx 700, great sounds, but i don`t like the looks of the pads at all.
    I was hoping to make some pads of my own.
    The only problem is the wiring.
    Can someone of you out here help me with this ?
    Main problem would be the zones of the snare.
    I`ll gues 3 zones like on the original pads will be out of the question.
    2 zones however will do the trick for me.
    I tried may things i found on the internet, but the rimshot won`t work :-(
    Is there some wiring diagram that could work for me ?


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    Yamaha pads are piezo / switch / switch.

    Your snare head and rimshot I'm guessing are going to be piezo / piezo if you've been trying things from the interwebs,

    You therefore need to use a dual-piezo input on the module, i.e. Input 9/10 and assign sounds to suit.

    (nothing wrong with the way the pads look - it's not 1958 any more!)
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