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RH30 trigger + mesh vs a roland e-snare (PB / PBX etc)

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  • RH30 trigger + mesh vs a roland e-snare (PB / PBX etc)


    I can't find much info on performance of a drum + roland trigger and mesh head VS buying a roland e-snare.

    Does anyone have resources/ an opinion on the performance of the two? Is the tech inside a pb-8 or pbx 120 (?) just an RH30 touching the mesh head?

    In context : I'd be using an octapad SPD-30 for the drum brain and I already have an acoustic kit if I want to cannibalise any shells, thus my dilemma.

    Thanks in advance.

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    if you search for Roland RT30HR that should give some user opinions .. (i don't know RH30 trigger)
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      Id be tempted to use something a little less expensive. Its only piezo transducers after all
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