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Closed Hi hats switch for Mimic Pro

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  • Closed Hi hats switch for Mimic Pro

    Hi all

    The one thing I missed about my Roland module was the ability to use a footswitch to give me closed hi hats without having to adjust the clutch all the time so I have been experimenting to see if I could find a way. Turns out it's dead easy. I had some various sized pots at hand so I plugged a one ended lead into the HHC input on the module. I tried the pots between Tip and Sleeve and found that the hats open and close between 260 kohm (ish) and 310 kohm (ish). I decided to get a 500k trim pot and a single pole double throw latching footswitch and voila I have a footswitch that I can adjust to exactly the Hi Hat position I like.

    Hope the diagram makes sense
    Mimic Pro, diy converted PDP maple 6 piece kit, home made Stave snares, ATV, Roland and Yamaha cymbals and 3 x BT1 bar triggers, DW9000 hat stand, DW5000 double pedal, gibraltar hardware. Mapex converted compact practice kit.