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    i guess they are 'ok' for a mesh head.. but 682, billy blast ballistech III and UFO mesh heads seem the same kind of head to me..
    2 layers of mesh, with a cloth middle layer.. the pricing is better than 3 ply real feel (3 layers of mesh) .. the rebound is about the same..
    the attack/ sound is darker.. (you don't hear with headphones ofcourse..) but for 'unplugged' practicing.. i still don't like the kinetic feedback
    (bounce force) compared to a normal acoustic drum head .. so, i either put a towel on it.. ..also i cut out a piece of white bed sheet (40 x 40 cm)
    and put that on top.. (yes, you may laugh) it kills the stick feedback a bit.. so you still have to work.. ..for triggered playing i just take it off ..
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      Originally posted by djska View Post
      Sorry, for the late feedback, tested them but did found them to be better than a drum-tec RealFeel head. The 3rd layer is a kind of mesh cloth and through it dampens the rebound nicely, it sort of slaps back a bit, causing a bit of rattling nice, which is reduced when tightening the head up. Also it seemed upper layer was more elastic, from a tensioning perspective (not feel) and I had to tighten it up considerably, also a bit more in the following days.
      have you found any solution to the rattling/buzz issue? i've got it cranked up pretty tight (77-78 on the drum dial) and it still rattles/buzzes quite a bit. also sounds like the thing has snare wires on it even though i've removed them. really annoying.

      putting a reso head on (though i didn't have an actual reso around so i just put the acoustic head on the bottom) seems to have helped a little bit but it still has this distinctive buzzing like there's a layer of plastic or something in it. almost reminds of this stupid koosh woosh or something game i had as a kid, was like badminton but the rackets were clear plastic and made this weird sound when you hit the ball.

      it doesn't capture it especially well, but i tried taking a video with my phone to compare it to a roland pad
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        I went back to the RealFeel head.
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