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  • Upgraded TD4KP


    Nothing spectacular here but I wanted to make my TD4KP quieter while upgrading it for my playing preferences at the same time.

    I added a CY12RC which is plugged into the crash 2 cable so it's 2 zone, and used the Tom 2 cable to make a single zone right hand crash. I exclusively use VST when playing so I remapped the midi output on the module for tom 2 to make things easy.

    I got some beaten up 10" and 8" toms. I cut the 10" as small as possible, used a 3 ply mesh and made it the snare.

    I cut the 8" tom into 2 pieces and used some single ply mesh for the toms. Mounting onto a TD4KP rack is a little awkward as it's 1" so a lot of common rack accessories don't fit. I used some cheap 1" gun scope mounts and hardwood for mounting.

    I added a triggera krigg bass drum trigger for quietness, and I also used triggera drum triggers for the drums. Sticker bombing was surprisingly fun

    I am pleased with it over all, I find myself missing a second crash a lot more than a 3rd tom with the music I play. I used a drum splitter off the snare for a while but then I also missed rim triggering on the snare. I think this is the best combination for me.
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