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A2E snare conversion, rim to head sensitivity problems

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  • A2E snare conversion, rim to head sensitivity problems

    I am currently in the process of (slowly) building my own E-drum kit.
    The part I am focusing on right now is the snare. I converted an old 10'' snare shell by using the cross bar approach with one piezo between the trigger cone and the decoupler and a second piezo on the cross bar in vicinity of the decoupler.

    Now to the problem: I am having a hard time getting the settings right to get to distinct sounds from rim and head. When I analyze the rim trigger sinal, I get pretty much the same level when hitting the rim (at full force) as when hitting the head (again with full force). The result is that when hitting the rim I sometimes get the sound of the head.

    To make thinks worse, I am programing and building my drum module as well, so there are multiple things that can be at fault.

    For people with experience in cross bar A2E convertions: are there some tips on improving the rim trigger rensponse? (maybe head tightness?) Is the whole cross bar approach kinda flawed sind the two piezos are very much mechanically coupled? Any pointers would be very appreciated!

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    have you tried setting the gain up on the rim piezo? also, with the x bar setup i mount he rim piezo on the shell 1/2" below where the head seats at 7 oclock position
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      From your description it sounds like you are realizing something like the r-drums crossbar. I wonder which kind of decoupler and cone cushion you are using and which module project you are going to realize. It could be some decoupling material or sensibility setting problem. I had an issue like that, some rim triggered sounds when hitting the head with hard beats, I solved using a different material for the cone and with a different surface for the head piezo, a metal plate like on roland pads. OTOH my microdrum pcbs are buried in a drawer with the problem of triggering all sounds at the maximum velocity at same time (I mean that you could make your pad using a working module first if you have one by hand, too much unknown variables...).
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        +1.. cone material (if you can get 'roland' or r-drums cones) ..and de-coupling material all matter a lot ..
        and the idea of using an old (roland) module to perfect the materials / decoupling is a good one too
        (yes, i know.. 'roland' again .. but imo roland has advanced trigger settings like treshold, sensitivity, x-talk, trig type, scan time, retrig cancel, mask time .. and rim gain)