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upgrade, using an A2E snare vs pad

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  • upgrade, using an A2E snare vs pad

    I play on a Yamaha dtx562k. I am debating on doing an A2E on a snare vs buying a xp120sd. The main reason is because I would not have to worry about changing modules in the future and that it would be a 13 or 14 inch snare. I have been looking at all the triggers and doing research to the point I have a headache. Same goes for the snare drum. I have considered buying a Yamaha stage custom snare or the equivalent in the other brands. I also considered using the UFO ebridge and the mesh head they are selling. I live in the US, so the overseas options would be expensive due to shipping, plus if I were to have problems, which might not matter. Anyway, any suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated.

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    AFAIK to make a DIY 3 zone snare is not a simple task. I would like to know too how a Yamaha 3 zone snare works, it should be a piezo/switch/switch like cymbals, using the 10k resistor, right? In which positions the switches are located for rim and cross-stick triggering?
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      Get the XP120SD - it's unbeatable (hee, hee, I made a pun). 3-zones. Count 'em. And a control knob for share throw-off / tuning / whatever.

      Even the older (and much cheaper) TP120SD is a great pad - and the best rubber one I've ever played from any manufacturer.

      You don't *need* a 13" or 14"snare. It's anachronistic.
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        did you play a xp120sd ? because you have to try .. i even bought a used one and tried to get it to work on Roland, but ofcourse the rim had only max velocity..
        then i kept it for a while as the most expensive practice pad i ever had .. but then thought .. why not sell it ... you say 'not worry about changing modules'
        well, between Roland and Yamaha hardware it is easier if you choose up front .. they're both equal quality but most rim triggering is different..
        so, if you want to build a 13/ 14" snare you'll walk into this 'rim' problem .. (piezo-switch and not piezo-piezo) i haven't seen any 'yamaha diy build' snares on this
        forum .. (i'm not saying it's not possible .. just not that available..)
        the size 13 or 14 i can imagine you'll feel that's important, but no electronic snare is a real life copy of an acoustic snare .. if you play on a rubber rim it's already
        different from playing on a metal rim and a mylar head .. but if you practice more on a 'nice' playing pad (12, 13, 14) then in my view you can compensate this ..