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Guitarist needs help building a foot operated drum set

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  • Guitarist needs help building a foot operated drum set

    Howdy, folks! I hope I posted this under the right category. Anyway, I've been racking my brain for the past couple days trying to figure what I need in order to build a kit that I can operate with my feet while I play guitar at the same time. I considered acoustic kits, but I wouldn't be able to practice at home (neighbors), so v-drums seem like the better option.

    Here is what I do know and perhaps someone can steer me in the right direction as far as triggers and anything else I would need:

    -I will be using the Ddrum DDTI as my module, running it through my laptop/software
    -I will need 4 pedal triggers. I have already decided on the Roland KT-10 for the kick

    That's basically where I am at at the moment. I really don't know what triggers would be good for my snare, crash and the 4th pedal, which I would probably use for a shaker or tambourine. Ideally, i would like something that's velocity sensitive, if that's even an option. I have researched endlessly and still don't know what to get. There are quite a few triggers out there and since I have no experience with any of them I was wondering if someone could offer some advice.

    If you need any additional information from me please let me know. Thanks!

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    howdy.. yes, there are a lot of options, that will probably be mentioned to you again in this thread.. but..
    for your purpose, and then looking at portability, velocity, pricing, no noise .. i would use triggera krigg triggers ..
    then buy bassdrum pedals used .. and adjust the 'strike' distance of footboard ..
    (also some guys use a boss loopstation for rhytm track )
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      Reading this some Thomas Lang's videos and the like come to my mind, using more pedals, so you could use 4 KT-10 or similar edrum pedals for that purpose.
      Otherwise you could use different pads from some multipad instrument like roland SPDs and the like, but in this case I'm not sure about how much velocity sensitive they are. Being in a DIY context you could take a look at this project.
      In any case I think it could be better to choose a solution with equal pads for practicality.
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        If you like the KT10, get four - sorted otherwise there's loads of options, eg the Yamaha KU100 etc.
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