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A2E + Yamaha - Unreliable triggering

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  • A2E + Yamaha - Unreliable triggering

    I'm currently in the midst of my first A2E conversion. I've currently converted Snare and Floor Tom and am having a tough time trying to get reliable triggering out of either drum. I'm using the module from my old Yamaha DTXpress II.

    Design is the same on both drums:

    - wooden cross beam between L brackets on two lugs
    - one or two layers of mouse mat foam stuck to this for isolation using double sided tape
    - 27mm piezo stuck to the top layer of mouse mat with double sided tape, smaller internal part facing up towards the drum head
    - "Cone" (really a column) stuck to the piezo with double sided tape

    My "Cones" are really columns, I've tried both square pieces of sanding block foam and cylindrical shaped pieces of EVA foam I cut from a Yoga block, generally around 35mm tall and protruding anywhere from 1-3mm above the bearing edge of the drum. I've tried mounting in the centre of the head and right out close to the rim without much difference. I'm not seeing any double triggering to speak of, I'm getting missed triggers - I'll be playing along to a song and all of a sudden my snare will drop out for a few beats then come back. I've tried turning the sensitivity up full on the module and this still happens.

    Any ideas? Am I doing anything fundamentally wrong?

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    Maybe a picture/video will help us to narrow down your problem. Also try to tweak the module more. Is there any settig for scan time, mask time, retrigger, cross talk?
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      Have you checked the wiring ?
      Could be a soder issue somewhere... some miscontact of some sort ?
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        I use side mounted triggers with my Yamaha module.
        easier to build, less prone to double triggering and no hot spot.

        Since there's no positional sensing on a Yamaha module, there's no need for dealing with a centered piezo.
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