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Positional Sensing Diy Snare Problem

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    Originally posted by 419express View Post
    I have had the same issue with my diy snare if I switch the polarity on the piezo the center hit triggers like an edge snare hit and messes up superior drummer 3 any sugestions?
    try to reverse the PS functionality on the snare in SD3. (This is just a check box in AD2...I am guessing you will find the same functionality in SD3)

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      I'm having a similar issue on my DIY snare. I'm using a TD-50. With the pad type set to PD-128 (or PD-125/105/120/100) the rim would trigger almost every time I hit the head. Sometimes if I hit the head softly the head would trigger. If I set the pad type as PDX-8, the head and rim both worked great, but I didn't get positional sensing. So I reversed the polarity. Now the head and rim trigger correctly with the pad type set to PD-128, but positional sensing does not work well. If I hit really hard it seems to work correctly, but if I do a soft/regular strength hit right in the middle of the snare (but not on top of the cone) it shows that I'm hitting on the outside of the drum. Does anyone have any idea what the issue might be?


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        Can anyone help with this? I have tried everything I can think of. I've adjusted head tension, messed with scan and mask time settings, I still can't get positional sensing to work correctly. If I turn scan time all the way down, it shows all hits as being in the center. If I turn it all the way up it shows all hits as being on the outside. There is no sweet spot in the middle where it works correctly. It just gets to a point where some hits show center and some show outside, but it's not consistent and doesn't always match where I'm actually hitting.