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    Hi, I'm a perfect newbie in the e-drum domain and I am looking for some advices.
    My main concern is to make/buy good quality e-cymbals.
    I 've been searching a lot on the web and found this Italian company GEARDRUM ? Have you ever heard about them ?
    I hesitate between their LV cymbals kit, the one of Jobeky or the Stealth triggers.
    Have you any good advices to give.
    Thank you from Belgium?


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      Originally posted by sascha View Post
      Not sure about the shape, it's making the rim way bigger than the rest of the surface. I'd be worried it then feels/plays a bit awkward.
      I'm using this one: http://www.staufenbiel-berlin-shop.d...antenschutz-_4
      I found a similar one, like yours.

      But, how's your sticknoise compared with let's say a Roland symbal with these quite thin edges ?
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        I can't speak for Roland, since I have none of their stuff. But stick noise is greatly reduced on the edge. But: I'm using nylon tips, therefore my main issue is more the cymbal bow area, and that is where I applied a layer of 2mm industrial rubber for the entire bow. A good side effect is that this enhanced triggering. One could also let this rubber area overlap with the 1mm rim rubber, then it's a almost seamless. The industrial rubber is around 65 shore in hardness, which has more stick noise than most cymbal pads, but quite a good rebound.
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          I got my sample yesterday

          But I didn't notice any significant difference in sticknoise between a cymbomute or the rubber edge from the sample.
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