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medeli dual zone piezo resistors

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  • medeli dual zone piezo resistors

    hi there,

    I'm starting a process of upgrading my e drum kit that i got as a present, its a dd522 medili kit, witch compare to its price have decant sounds.
    i am also fine with the toms and the kick drum. my problem is with the snare (witch is dual zone but the rim shoots are not sensitive enough) and the hi-hats (both pedal and plate).
    anyway, i though i can do some upgrades to this kit, so i started with building a diy dual zone 12" snare drum.
    so i catted a 12" tom (i think...) to half to build one snare and one floor. i attached to the snare a wood rack with 2 piezo's (both 27 mm), one directly to the wood rack and one onto of a foam decoupler and a foam cone.
    about the wiring, i though the best way is to mimic the original snare wiring, so i disassamble the snare and found that it has some resistors...
    anyway, i tough i should check my setup with no resistors first (maybe the fact that the piezo is not getting direct hits in the mesh head configuration will prevent hot signals and the resistor will be unnecessary).
    well i guess i was wrong because when i wire it and connect it to the module the sensitivity was terrible. the rim piezo got triggered even when hitting very soft on the head, also when hitting some rolls there was alot of miss trigger hits.
    i am attaching a diagram of the resistors in the original snare pad so if some one can help me understand what is the purpose of each resistors i will be great full.
    (the red line is connected to the ceramic plate while the black line connected to the outer gold plate)

    Thanks alot