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  • Roland Td-4kp Pad Solutions

    1. Any ideas on how to fortify default kick pad of td-4kp without replacing the pad itself, DIY friendly or otherwise?

    2. How could I go about using one of the default td-4kp pads as a kick pad in place of the default kick pad (how would I go about mounting and wiring)?

    Okay so I've had my td-4kp for about 3 or 4 years and I love it, but I've found that finding pertinent information about its capabilities and limitations is beyond difficult, nevermind finding DIY solutions to various circumstances the kit presents.

    Through my playing over the years I've certainly become more aggressive and intense in my playstyle, and I have found that the standard kick pad that comes with the kit simply cannot hold up with the force of my foot when I get into playing, often turning to the side despite how tightly it is screwed on (keeping in mind I dont want to strip the screw at all).

    If anyone has suggestions on how to fortify the default kick pad against the force of my foot somehow, please enlighten me. I don't mind some DIY to accomplish this, and it beats dropping unnecessary money on a new pad if it's possible.

    Should fortification be impossible, I have a backup idea. Now, I've done some digging around and found that I can use a kd-9 pad in place of the default pad, but I'm more curious on how to utilize one of the stock pads of the kit as a replacement pad for the kick, as I feel purchasing another pad entirely would be redundant - I saw a member put this into action on a different forum, complete with pictures, but the member failed to go into detail on how such a thing was accomplished (as I plan on getting a PD8 pad for the snare, it would be nice to have a spot for the extra pad to come of good use since the module doesn't have extra inputs.) Any info on making that happen would also be appreciated.

    So that's about it, I know it's a lot to take in and I'm grateful for any help, and I hope everything made sense as to what I'm asking. I don't feel a need to move on to a higher tier kit just yet if my minor problems can be addressed with a little dedication and creativity. Thanks in advance.

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    buy used KD-7 or ... pd5/pd6/pd7 pad and mount to the stand


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      Try to insert small peace of folded sand paper tape (approx. 1 cm wide and 3 to 4 cm long) between rack tube and plastic of original kick pad. Sand paper will add friction force between plastic and metal tube and prevent turning out of the position you set. Bad thing is that sand paper probably will damage original black paint on rack tube, due to abrasive surface. Inserted sand paper tape should be folded that way that both outer surfaces have to have friction part- facing out (to have direct contact with rack tube on one side and plastic of kick pad on the other side). Use high graded sand paper (grade 800 or 1000) to avoid deep scratch of tube. You can try to use small peace of rubber tape or duct tape to avoid damage of tube paint on your drum rack with similar effects as with sand paper.
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