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Making a side project/business using Roland/Alesis wiring.

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  • Making a side project/business using Roland/Alesis wiring.

    I've had the idea to cut drum shells down and turn them into vdrums. The big question that I have is, Do you think its illegal or would I need some type of licensing to sell a "custom" Vdrum kit that is compatible with a Roland drum module or Alesis (whatever said person prefers.) I cant find anything on this topic so if I sound stupid its because I might be.

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    Nah. Unless you copy any specific designs that are still in copyright. What's your USP?
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      Why would it be illegal?

      But don't cut them down. It looks much better to have a real looking kit, and off brand kits are inexpensive.

      But, in my experience, not many drummers are interested in converted A to E kits. I think it's the best thing in the world and I've been using it for years..... but not many others seem to share my enthusiasm.


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        New Tricks I had the same idea, doing full custom builds. While everyone thought it was very cool, no one really wanted it for themselves. Why is that?
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          It depends what people use them for and what they are comfortable with. I prefer the pads that came with my TD30 rather than full size as I want the kit to be compact in my rehearsal room. I could fit a full size kit but nothing else. If I ever used it live (I donít have plans to) then I would consider a full size ekit but I would do my own A to E conversion
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            Drum-Tec and others who sell converted acoustic kits seem to do fine. Thing is, you need a marketing strategy. You can go the "revolutionary new trigger system" route, the "painstakingly hand-crafted one-of-a-kind beauty" route, the "aerospace material, over-engineered convoluted trigger system" route, etc. If you just go "hey, I made these in my garage and they look great and trigger really well", even if it's true, you probably won't go far. The reality is that most people want a veneer of magical marketing fairy dust on the stuff they buy.
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              as ignotus mentions, drum-tec already does this. as does jobeky .. etc etc etc. drum-tec even specifies Roland and Alesis compatibility. if you're super concerned, drop the roland and alesis name and just say your stuff has been tested to work with leading drum modules and leave it at that.

              i'd also agree with ignotus' business outlook but offer a solution - don't give a crap. if you want to do this, then set a budget and build that many. put them on ebay, craigslist, reverb, etc and don't make anymore till those first ones all sell. if they don't sell or take a long time to sell ... just keep that in mind. hobbies don't have to make money, hell one that breaks even is often worth its weight in many other things. if you enjoy it and can sell X sets a year ... as long as you enjoy it then go for it.

              a lot of small hobby businesses have ended up succeeding in a plethora of ways. you'll never know if you don't try.

              have fun.
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