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Roland RT30-HR not triggering mesh head.

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  • Roland RT30-HR not triggering mesh head.

    Hi yall,

    Roland RT30-HR + Pintech Reaction Series mesh head on 14 steel acoustic snare drum into Roland SPD-SX;

    Either getting sporadic, unpredictable triggering or absolutely no signal/triggering whatsoever. The RT30-HR trigger works on other snare with traditional head, the 1/4 TRS connecting it to the SPD-SX works. Even with the pad/trigger sensitivity set all the way up Im still getting no signal.

    Please help! Boutta throw it out the window.


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    Side triggers aren't very always good on mesh heads. Centre triggers for mesh, side for plastic.

    Have you tried winding the the tension right up on the head?
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      Is the mesh head tightened evenly?
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        works for me on a 13" 3 ply mesh, RT locknut cranked tight, gap cut in rim rubber for trigger ..if you tap towards trigger does signal improve ?
        then 14" might be too large diameter .. or this type of mesh head is not optimal for this size.. try different tensions, or a heavier single ply mesh head
        (can have stronger impact pulse through the head towards the rim..)