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DIY triggers almost done

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    It is crazy a few months ago I had this idea and it has grown
    As. Much as I have in designing and knowledge of repairing 3 d printers and also laser cutters etc

    To have a idea in your head and be able to hold it in your hand a few months later is crazy

    All along I have been working towards production
    Now I am there
    And will be selling custom sets very soon and will find out the appropriate place here to post them
    all the hard stuff is done

    Still have to wire the tom triggers up on this set but not a big deal the wires will go under the foam as well as the M4 mounting screws

    I won't be posting as much on this thread anymore because. DIY triggers almost done are Done haha
    i will start another one at some point but now it is time to start kicking them out

    Crazy times we live in
    oh next up L80 triggers now that I have the laser cutter I have a pritty cool idea