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Longboard/direct drive pedal mod

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  • Longboard/direct drive pedal mod


    I was curious about longboard direct drive pedals and decided to try my hand at modding my current cheap chain-drive doubles.

    The footboard is made with carbon fibre, the heel hinges are done with pillow block bearings, and the connecting rods (4 mm aluminium plates) have small 8 mm bearings in them held in with rivets. The latter look a bit ghetto but are perfectly effective and functional.

    IMG_20170825_135129~01.jpgIMG_20170825_134826~01.jpgIMG_20170825_191127~01.jpg They actually work great - smooth, silent and fast. Heel-toe is easier and the smooth surface is much more pleasant for playing barefoot. I think the longer footboard has more of an impact than the direct drive, so I might put the chain back on one of them to see if it's really the case.

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    Nice job!
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      Very cool. Post a video!


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        Cheers! My rubbish playing doesn't do the pedal justice though - I can make a video just showing it actually "working", but just like a pro can make a spongebob squarepants kit sound good, I'd make a $1000 pedal look faulty...


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          looks very cool.. ..your name makes me assume you're a Virgil fan.. so, yes i'd like to see those pedals in action : )
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            Ok, but it'll have to wait until I get back from holidays. Be warned that my playing sucks.

            Nah​, I've been using that nick for the last 25 years because it means "anonymous", nothing to do with Mr Donati...


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              Hi again.

              I made some changes to the direct drive assembly and also made a drive shaft, as the original one had developed horrible play in the u-joints over the years. The above version of the pedal was ok as proof of concept, but it was a bit ugly, so I decided to redo it.

              The cam and connecting rod are made with 6 mm thick carbon fibre. The cam is held onto the shaft with a flanged shaft coupler that has insert screws to keep it in place, and the carbon fibre cam is riveted to that. The connecting rods have flanged ball bearings in them that stay in place nicely.

              The drive shaft is made with some decent u-joints, solid 8 mm aluminium rods and 12 mm aluminium tubes. They are connected together with shaft couplers that have an 8 mm opening at one end and 12 mm at the other - the smaller 8 mm rod fits inside the tube so the width can be adjusted. No play at all. However, I ordered the wrong size shaft coupler (8 mm/10 mm) and drilled a 12 mm hole in one side, messing it up a bit as it didn't come out properly centred, so I've ordered the right ones.
              I reckon I've removed a fair bit of weight from each pedal as the original cams were quite heavy. The drive shaft is also considerably lighter. Pretty happy with the result so far - we'll see how they withstand some abuse.


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                Man this looks gorgeous.
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