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Std. Drum Wrap on E Drums to Customize

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  • Std. Drum Wrap on E Drums to Customize

    I did some searching and other than the NM wraps I didn't see any other significant offerings. I guess the reason why I posted here in the DIY forum was to ask has anyone tried or are there any issues with just using some standard type of drum wrap and cut it to the width and length needed. I am specifically looking at re-covering my TD30KV set.

    Look forward to any comments....
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    If you are in Europe, these guys have special drum wraps cut for v-drums.

    Check their site, they have any kind of wrap.
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      You can use wallpaper, fancy Christmas wrapping paper, shelf liner paper, vinyl car wrap, custom printed vinyl wrap, crazy looking posters... let your imagination run wild
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        Normal drum wrap in the right size should work fine. I've actually wrapped a couple of drums in the vinyl wrap you can buy for cars, worked out pretty well. Just took a bit of time and patience!