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Pearl Decade A to E conversion

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    jammin777 Thanks for all the information you have provided on this site, its much appreciated.

    I am looking to do an A2E of my Pearl Masters BCX kit (8,10,12,13 toms, 16x18 floor toms and 18x22 kicks) and use it with my Roland TD-30. Tried the route of Remo SilentStroke single ply mesh heads and Roland RT-30 triggers. Being used to the Roland TD-30K style triggering, that solution just didn't cut it. I was looking at some of the offerings from r-drums in Germany then I came across UFO triggers via your thread. A few questions on some of the choices they offer:

    Did you use the standard foam octacone or upgrade to the foam cone?
    Did you upgrade any of the 27mm Piezos to 35mm?
    Did you you upgrade to the dual/rim trigger add-on and if so, how is the rim triggering? I am just considering it on the snare
    Do all of the 1/4 panel mount jacks offered require you to drill the vent hole in the shell to install?



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      hi ktc, yes i used the octocones which are fairly new to UFO drums they have the similar feel and density of the roland cones and they trigger great.
      no i did not upgrade the center piezo so i am using the 27 mm piezo, i feel the 35mm would trigger too hot. Mitch (UFO drums) confirmed that.
      yes i did upgrade to the dual rim setup using 35mm for the rim on all my drums except the kick drum of course. i mounted the rim piezo on the shell in the area where i strike the drum and have it mounted 1/2" below the bearing edge. the rim trigger pretty good.
      i choose the long stem panel jacks because the other ones are not deep enough. i removed the air vent grommet and had the carefully drill the hole bigger with a step drill and a sanding bit with a dremel to get the hole big enough to fit the jack. my shell are lacquer and was scary at first as i didnt want to chip the lacquer. i put blue masking tape over the hole to protect it and worked out great! i would not recommend using a regular drill bit as it would catch and i believe it would be a much higher risk of chipping the lacquer hence is why i used a step drill bit and the finished it off with a dremel with sanding bit to get to the size hole i needed.
      i also went with the longer wire option for the floor toms because the air vents are mounted towards the bottom of the shell.
      i aslo went with ufo's rim protectors as well and i really like them.

      Mitch from UFO drums is a great guy to deal with, i live 10 miles from him so i was able to meet him in person when i picked up my order.

      i heard the silent stroke heads dont trigger well because the are too bouncy especially when using external triggers.
      Pearl Mimic pro, A to E 7 piece Pearl Decade maple, ddrum Deccabons, Ddrum DDTi, UFO X-bar triggers, Real feel heads, Gibraltar rack, VH13, PD105 side snare, Roc-N-Soc,Tama Iron Cobra, Iron cobra high hat stand, Cobra clutch, Pearl throne thumper, Roland and Kit Toys cymbals, Roland KC 500, Promark


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        Awesome kit! I'm in the process of installing the UFO eBridges and Real Feel Heads as well. Glad to hear they're working well for you.