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Stopping DIY e-cymbal spinning - intentional keyholing?

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  • Stopping DIY e-cymbal spinning - intentional keyholing?

    I'm gradually accumulating the things I need to undertake my A2E conversion, including Pintech practice cymbals which I'm hoping to convert. My A-cymbals spin like crazy due to angular striking technique, and I'm wondering about the best way of stopping my e-cymbals spinning. Aquarian cymbal springs seem like an OK idea but cost is significant, it's hard to figure out which springs would be appropriate for the weight of cymbals, and local availability is a problem too. I'm gonna try just weighting the strike side, but wondered if anyone has simply keyholed their cymbals on purpose to stop spinning? Seems the cheapest and easiest way to go that I can come up with and not too many downsides... Any thoughts?

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    Drill small hole in the cymbal and something like this:
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      You also need a counterpart that locks in the key hole, and is fixed with regard to the cymbal stand.
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