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    Nice. At least you figured it out. I would never of thought of primer for glue but it makes sense. Like flux for soldering.
    That is my problem with DIY and why I don't do it. Just knowing every little imperfection and it's location would drive me up the wall even if nobody else would notice.
    OCD at it's worst I suppose.

    Have a great holiday weekend.
    "It makes sense if you dont think about it"

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      Oh, yea, I had never heard of primer for glue before.
      This project has been a series of 'I don't know' or "how to do that'. I was thinking of melting the rubber, hot glue gun, tape... well, not tape, but ya know.


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        Cable Management: Here is my first experiment. I saw what appeared to be a novel idea. Gibraltar Clips for cable management. Not what I really had in mind, but I would give it a shot. Maybe it would work. Maybe it would inspire me.

        In the review of the product, a few folks complained the clip design to hold the individual cable was to small. They were right. I was really concerned when trying to fit the cable onto the clip, it would damage the wires. I had to force it in.

        And then when it did seat inside, it was really loose. Can't please me can they. Really I'm looking for something more snug once it's inside the clip that's holding it.

        and then ultimately, it's not what I'm looking for. It is an interesting design.

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          So I started my 'spearmenting with the cables. Primarily putting sleeves on them.

          I bought several sizes of Paracord from the big box stores. 1/4", 3/8" and 1/8". Watching folks talk about how when you take the stuffing out of the middle, then the sleeve becomes flexible... like Chinese handcuffs. When you crunch it together, it expands. Pull, the sleeve tightens up

          I also bought some very cheap polypropylene sleeving from China. 30 foot for a couple of dollars. They delivered that for free. How do they do it?

          So the cheap plastic polypropylene was first. I had little hope for it because it was very flat, seen here. And it kept its shape like it was on a roll.

          But I gave it shot and after about 10 minutes, I figured out the process of minutely snaking the sleeve onto the cable. For about a 10 foot cable, this took me about 1/2 hour.
          And... I was rather impressed with the final product. The sleeve became round, tightly hugging the cable.

          I tried not melting the cut end, because that just really tightens up the pulling on the sleeving. so I just let it unravel a bit. I knew I could trim the end and heat-shrink a wrap.

          I rather like the outcome... Clean, no kinks and something better than black.

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            So then I tried Paracord with a fabric weave casing. Removed it's innards and tried the same snaking on the sleeve process. I tried the same size as the polypropylene, but the fabric was immediately harder to work. Lot's more friction, where the plastic was somewhat easier.

            I tried the 1/8", and that was impossible. Cable could not even be inserted.

            Next worked the 3/8" like the plastic and it was difficult to almost impossible. I gave up after a 1/2 hour and getting only about 18 inches on.

            My thinking with the 1/4 Paracord was it was way to big to sleeve. It just looked like it the cable would visually swim in the sleeve.

            Gave it a shot and what do you know. It turned out rather nicely. The cable sleeved on in about 10 minutes. I pulled and tugged and the sleeve tightened down around the cable nicely. I just worked it a little bit more and it came out pretty much how I was envisioning it. Now the heat shrink at the end is way to much. I need to cut that down to about 1/3 or 1/4 size. Just enough to hold and define the transition. It thinks it looks good and it feels just a nice. The Pink/Black feels weird. Like a snake actually. The fabric braid feels good and soft.

            I now have my cable sleeving figured out. I still need to figure out the custom lengths before I proceed and I'm going to need some kind of cable combs to help.
            Once I figure out the custom length, I can then put on the 90 degree stereo cable end I got from Neutrik.

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              Genius idea on using rope from the hardware store to sleeve your cables. I'm going to write that down As far as cable management goes here's a crazy one for ya... What about drilling holes in the rack tube itself and running your cables internally? Like they do on motorcycle handlebars.
              All vintage gear at the moment - Roland PM-16, electronified Remo practice pads and a TD-5 bringing up the rear.

              Starting to build the super ultimate mega dream electronic drum set!!!


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                Genius? Nah... Megalomanic

                But seriously... the internal cables are definitely an option. Just not sure for my kit. I must have 15 cables out of the module to be routed in, through and around the rack. And yes, all the cables will not need to go into the rack. But there is still a massive amount cables to deal with.

                Marcel with Vdrum tips has his take on the 'cable in the rack project'. It's excellent...

                I'm envisioning the cable management completely different where I would 'display' the cables. Kinda getting creative with the cables. I could be totally wrong on this direction.
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                  Quick question - are you based in the USA, and if so, was there any issues getting any kind of the DrumTec mesh heads? I think at one time US couldn't get their 2-ply or something but I read somewhere maybe that changed now?
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                    Originally posted by Trip McNealy View Post
                    Quick question - are you based in the USA, and if so, was there any issues getting any kind of the DrumTec mesh heads? I think at one time US couldn't get their 2-ply or something but I read somewhere maybe that changed now?
                    I had heard or read the same thing.

                    While doing my research back earlier this year, I did see a statement on their 2-ply page about limitations selling international. (I don't see that today).

                    Anyway, I took a shot and contacted them through their site. Stated what I wanted and asked that exact question if they could sell and deliver it to me in the midwest?
                    Nadine Wieloch - Office Manager responded, they would be happy to work with me. They did not want to go into any details about the 'international' thing. I left it at that.
                    After we worked out the exact details of what I needed, they then sent me an order confirmation.
                    In short, I did my ordering through emails a Drum-tec rep. I did not use the Drum-tec site to put things in the shopping cart.

                    I believe I got my package about 2 weeks later.
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                      Cool thanks, I will try that out. I'd like to get some Design series heads too.. I'm in the Northeast USA.
                      Live Rig: Mimic Pro | KD-140 | PD-125X pads | Roland cym | MDS-9V rack | Turbosound iQ12
                      Studio Rig: Mimic Pro or SD 3.0 | Pearl ePro DIY full kit | ATV + Yamaha cym | VH-11 | MDS-20 rack | ATH-M40x phones


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                        These work great for cable management 6a6dd7fe-2f14-4b7d-a764-a94ae38b4bd2.JPG._CB312567204_.jpg
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                          I've been working on a side project with Cymbal Toppers


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                            i didnt read the whole tread but here is an idea on cable managemment.
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                              Thanks Jammin... I just may consider that route, if I can work all the cables. It looks very clean. As of late, I have no intention of breaking the kit down to go to gigs or practice.


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                                R-drums delivered my Kick drum trigger and I got a chance to install it this weekend. Pretty simple actually. It's two bolts and measuring the foam 5mm from the bearing edge. Lock it down. Install the Air Vent Connector and plug it in.

                                So I took out the DIY brace bar, brackets and bolts for the KD-9.

                                Opened up the breather hole for the Air Vent Connection.

                                Dropped in the RTB-BD trigger and installed a new Hart Dynamics KS KS22-2 - 22 INCH 2-PLY Mesh beater head. I'm happy with the way it looks. All honesty, it looks like an acoustic kit should.