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Have a TD25, looking to get bigger pads... how?

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  • Have a TD25, looking to get bigger pads... how?

    Hello all.

    So i have a TD25k, im thinking of getting bigger pads..

    Plan was to get 1 x 10" toms and 1 x 12" toms, cut them in half so i get 2 x 10" and 2 x 12"

    the 2 x 10" will be for toms and 1 x 12" for floor tom and the other for snare.

    I will put mesh heads on all, they are only for electric use.

    So now i trying to find out what triggers to get, have looked on most of them and its a jungle.....

    Internal center or side triggers?? have looked on roland RT30 external also who look easier to work with, and not to expensive, compared to R-drums and others....

    What i want.

    As good trigger responce as i have now with roland pads, dont mind if they are internal or external. what will work with positional sensing on the snare..

    Hope you have some input..

    Kind regards


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    For the snare try cross bar with center mounted cone so you don't loose the POS support.
    For toms 10" and 12", you can get Ok results with side mounted triggers. Pre-made - Triggera Intrigg, but contact them and ask to make them for you with 27mm piezo - the default 20mm they use is kinda too cold for a Roland module. Or use cross bar on the toms too, but move the trigger towards the edge .. (to avoid the hot spot). Also note on Intriggs, that they don't cope well with Drum-tec realfeel mesh heads!
    Cones you can source from or or original Roland from here .
    Cheap but not bad mesh heads Z-Ed Triple-X ( or original Roland, or Drum-tec 2-3 ply for EU)
    Cheap but doing the job Ok mount brackets for the L-rods: link
    Perfect rim silencer: click (cut to size and glue with any super glue)
    Piezo: go to, chose your local store and search for 7BB-35-3L0 / 7BB-27-4L0 (these are the pre-wired variant, remove the L0 to get the non-wired if you for some reason prefer to solder yourself or L0 out of stock ie).
    Jack: Neutrik NYS221 fits into a removed vent hole opening, Proel P230 with the cap removed perfectly fits into a standard vent hole without removing it.
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