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Wiring to 3.5mm jack

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  • Wiring to 3.5mm jack

    I'm working on an acoustic to electric conversion kit and I noticed that most people use 1/4 inch jacks. I was wondering if it would still work to wire my triggers to a 3.5mm female trs jack and then use a 3.5mm male to 1/4 inch male cable to connect to my module. I will be using an Alesis Trigger i/O if that matters. Also, would the wiring for the 3.5mm female jack be the same as the wiring for a 1/4 inch female jack? Thanks for the help.
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    you can find answers to this type of questions easily via google and similar, especially when searching for images.

    There is no magic in this case: viewed from the cable connect inner wires to inner wires through jacks, and outer wires to outer wires (shielding); if in doubt, check connectivity between cable and jack-metal-surfaces with an ohm-meter or similar. No big deal in the right hands.
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      The 3.5 to 1/4 adapters do not generally work well. They can be very noisy and intermitant.
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        Why would you do that ? If you want to use the vent holes without removing them or drilling, you can try a female 1/4 similar to this Proel P230 - the inner piece with the cap removed is just the right fit for a standard vent hole without drilling !
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