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My A to Edrum conversion so far

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  • My A to Edrum conversion so far

    i used quartz trigger harnesses on the toms and snare,for the bass drum i used my old ddrum trigger i already had and on the floor tom i used my old roland snare trigger and threw a sheet in the floor tom to dampen it ,i also have pillows in the bass drum ,the brain is my td9 expanded and i used roland cy cymbols and roland mesh heads

    tried to upload the pic but its too big so i just posted a link
    Last edited by demonocus; 12-22-16, 08:47 AM.
    updated td9 brain,vh11, cy12c/r, cy15r, cy13c/r, axis long boards double pedal,pearl export drum shells with roland mesh heads,ddrum trigger on floor tom & roland rt30k trigger on kick drum,quartz trigger harness in upper toms and snare

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    Man, you must live in a rough neighborhood with all those bullet holes in your kit. Looks good. Just about the right size too.
    TD-9_stealth Yamaha, HPD-15, HPD-10, Octapad etc.