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Diy mesh heads progress and suggestions

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  • Diy mesh heads progress and suggestions

    Hey everyone, I'm in the process of making my own mesh heads. I've just finished my first drum, and want some input about what you all think. I used pet d fence screens, and after my first drum, it looks and feels pretty awesome. My main concern is the extra girth taking away from the overall structural integrity of my shells. I'm converting an 8 piece Tama Rockstar. After tension on the 8", it feels almost bomb proof. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!! Thaddeus.

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    Visit my Facebook page for photos. For some reason, they're too large to upload.


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      You can use a program like irfanview, to simply reduce the size of the photos.
      Brain: mega drum. 5 toms: DIY mesh head, side-mounted DIY triggers. Snare: 14" 682 head, DIY crossbar trigger. 2xDIY beaterless BD pedal. .Cymbals: Crash: 2x 16" brass: 2 zone. Ride: 20" brass: 2 zone. Hi-Hat: 14" 1 zone DIY Control pedal + Pearl H900 stand. + drum rack: