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snare - tweaking ghost notes??

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  • snare - tweaking ghost notes??

    I could use some help here. I use a Roland TD10 module, I have the same basic issue with the below snare options using pad types PD1, PD2, PD7 or PD9:

    1. DIY triggers, silentstoke mesh heads.
    2. Pearl tru trac head.

    - my ghost notes do not have consistent sound, where some of the hits are much louder even with the softest touch.

    I played with settings, but can't get it corrected. Anyone have an approach to take making the trigger adjustments?
    Sonor S-classix birch
    Paiste Dark energy and 2002; Sabian Artisans, Evolutions.
    Mapex ProM ->Edrumin - Mesh - DIY internal triggers;‚Äč Gen16/L80s cymbals

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    Hi ronyd,

    if you don't get satisfying proposals, I could help you on homing-in on the trouble-maker(s) systematically.

    To illustrate the difference of this approach: one way to locate so called root-causes is to do it intutively or ad-hoc. The intuitives and ad-hocs fail most often when they have to understand less obvious or even obscure sources of problems or deviations (meaning: they do good on the obvious). So these guys developed (in a sense) self-locking, self-identifying approaches. That's what I offer to overcome your problem ; -)

    Best, Michael
    td-30 user ;-)