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Alesis DM10 kick drum problems/solutions

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  • Alesis DM10 kick drum problems/solutions

    I have an Alesis DM10 studio kit. This kit, overall, is great for what I need. The big problem I have with it though is that I can't seem to get the kick drum to stay working for long. I have to replace or repair the piezoelectric disk inside of it constantly.
    It looks like a lot of the sticky stuff keeping the padding in place, and the disk in place, has worn off (it was worn before I disassembled the drum, though I"m sure opening it up hasn't helped things). This is casuing padding to move around while I play, and ripping the wiring out of the disk. I have replaced the disk easily quite a few times, and even soldered the wiring back on the disk twice. All of those efforts were successful, but I'm tired of having to make these constant repairs.
    So ultimately I have a few questions for this communtiy:
    1. What advice can you give me to repair this once and for all
    2. Should I use a stronger adhesive to put the padding and disk in place more firmly, or is that ill-adivsed? After all if I super-glue it and then it breaks again it may be harder to replace components or remove the padding. I've tried to use electrical tape to tape the **** out of it but that just prevents the disk from picking up vibrations. I also tried duct taping the **** out of the padding to keep it in place and that didn't work either.
    3. Since this looks to me like a design flaw, or at least it's a tom pad they're passing off for a kick drum, would I be better off buying a new kick drum and re-purposing the Alesis pad? What replacement would be recommended?

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    got pictures of the problem?
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      Sorry for the delay in response. I do not have any pics but a new shipment of disks is coming to me tomorrow. When I go to repair it again I'll take a video and/or some pics and share them here.


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        Check out these pics of the DM10 mesh kick pad for another option to solve your problem.
        You do not have permission to view this gallery.
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