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A2E Conversion. Need Trigger Help

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  • A2E Conversion. Need Trigger Help

    I am completing an A2E conversion as a graduation present for my son and I need some guidance (BTW, I am not a drummer). I had everything completed the first of May- shells cut down and refinished. New 16 Hooped kick, and floor toms etc etc. I had settled upon Intrigg triggers and ordered them through Electronic Drum Center on April 28th. As of today I still do not have them and I have no indication if or when they will arrive. I getting rather tired of waiting so I am about ready to start pursuing another set of triggers elsewhere . As I am unencumbered by the twin horrors of knowledge and experience I was hoping to get some direction for those who have it. Here is the back ground
    The drum Kit
    16 Kick
    13 Floor Tom
    10 and 12 Rack toms
    14 snare
    Everything is outfitted with Remo Silent stroke and rubber rim guards. Plan on using the pedal I have for the kick (nothing special) and getting the new Alesis Hi Hat. Have a Three zone alesis Ride and a Two zone Alesis Crash. The brain is an Alesis DM 10

    Five triggers total. I like the internal triggers better than the external ones and this is a permanent conversion. I would prefer two Zone triggersm and something of course very compatible with the Alesis DM10. I am not trying to do this on a budget but I dont want to spend stupid money.. probably 300 or thereabouts but there is some flex. I am skilled with tools and I haven't seen anything here that intimidates me. I think DIY triggers are cool but I just dont have the time to experiment. My current thinking is to move to the Pintech conversion Kit. Please share your insights.
    DM10 Module, Remo Silentstroke drum heads, Triggera Intriggs, Yamaha PCY 1553 ride, Alesis DM pad 12 Crash. No name drum shells, Roland High hat controler and Cymbals, Drum Pedal; undecided and confused

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    I'm sorry to hear your frustration with Electronic Drum Center. They supplied much of my A2E build even the Taye kit and Stephen has been very responsive.

    I use the Intriggs and love them. Lots of folks use and love the Quartz Percussion triggers.

    Good luck on your build!
    TD-25KV, Yamaha DXR15, MG10. Senn 280HD.


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      I think EDC bought hout Hart and it is one person trying to get it up an going. I was waiting to get info and never got a second response. I like the look of the Quartz triggers also and they are priced right. I would also reccomend Jerry at Stealth who is On it like no one else. Have your stuff in days. http://www.stealthdrums.com/ I really like this drum tec company in Europe but it is pricey and in Europe but they have nice designs.