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Snare throw-off

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  • Snare throw-off

    Hey Guys,

    This has probably been done before, but this is my take to a snare throw-of switch.

    I took the original snare throw off lever and added a switch to it. I use that witch to switch the piezo between two inputs on the module. (my 56 input megadrum has lots of them ). I can now switch between which input on the module is connected to the piezo. Since the switch I had laying around was a double switch, I did it for the head as well as the rim sensor. This way I can also do rim shots in the off position

    Snare off position

    Snare on position


    mounted on the snare
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    That's super cool!
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      Brilliant! I don't think I've seen anything like that before, well done!
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        Very creative and inventive!


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          I like that. nice work
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            Very cool!
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              That is an excellent trick!, I think I might borrow that idea for my snare build


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                I was thinking of building a small midi controller into a throwoff to send a program change into the midi-in so that you can change kits with it (obvious one is to a kit with the snares off, but doesn't have to be only that).
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