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Input from dummers needed - drum kit size options for A2E

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  • Input from dummers needed - drum kit size options for A2E

    I am not a drummer and I need some direction from those who are.

    A few years back I created a full scale jam room in the basement for my son and his friends who are all attending college for music. It has a great mixing board, effects, PA with subs, Keyboards, DI boxes, Mic’s the works. The weak link in the room was the edrum kit, which was an old Roland. After reading more about EDrums and all the DIY stuff that was possible, I decided to have a go at it (hope my equipment choices to date shows in the signature like the sticky suggests). I found an old drum kit on craigslist for $50 with 14” snare, 16”floor tom, 14 and 13 toms and a 22” Kick which takes up a fair amount of room downstairs. My question for the drummers is this. I want to make the footprint a little smaller and the kit a little easier to move. If I adapt and cut down the 16” floor tom to be my kick, use the 14” as the floor tom, cut the 13” in Half for my two toms and keep the snare as is, will I lose the feel of a drum kit for the drummers who stop in to play? Can you give me the pros and cons of my idea or alternative options so I can better decide upon a direcrtion?
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    Doing it as you describe sounds great.

    I would cut the 14 tom in half as well, and have the option of a 4th tom, or side snare/piccolo.
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      I assume that the toms are mounted onto the Kick. If so, then make sure the toms won't sit too low when mounted on the 16'' converted floor tom. Maybe you should use a riser for the new kick to get to the desired height. For the rest, when You're goal is to save space, this is the correct way to go. If you also want more things to bang on, I'd go with perceval, and cut up the 14'' tom as well. Always nice to have 4 toms .
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        the module is a very important piece. Think through the whole thing. pads, cymbal module and amplification. Have fun.


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          Thank you all! I will cut the 14 in Half as well - its a great idea even if to just save weight. The Toms will be mounted to the kick. I have extra long mounts but I am going to have to find a volunteer drummer to help so that they are placed correctly as I wouldn't truly know otherwise. I have been thinking of a riser for the kick not only to bring up the rim to the proper level but also to stabilize it. Vmastro - I take your comment seriously so let me provide a little more information. The signal path will be as follows;A DM10 into a X32 compact and back out to a K12 Monitor by the drum kit - I am thinking of a butt kicker for the Throne. There are currently monitors set up at five stations (Guitar, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drum kit) and I can run up to 6 individual monitor mixes. Most of the time they just listen through the FOH system. It is turned down and then faced toward them. The Mic's are positioned well so they can hear themselves at a good volume with out feedback although there is GEQ and feedback Destroyers on each monitor and A Driverack PA2+ and emergency GEQ for FOH. Going at a reduced volume through FOH allows full EQ, compression, effects etc from the X32 which also has amp and speaker emulators built in so the guitars can use DI. I was recently given a DM5 for rack. I was told that it would be great to use for acoustic kick drum trigger but I don't have a clue how to use it. This then is the complete amplification picture and you can see my edrum equipment to date. By "Think about the whole thing" do you mean how the wiring would occur? Do you think I have some equipment (cymbals, triggers) that wont match the DM10?. I don't mean to be obtuse but i am not sure what you mean. If you see something glaring please point it out so i don't go down the wrong path. I can still change a few pieces without a lot of cost at this point.
          DM10 Module, Remo Silentstroke drum heads, Triggera Intriggs, Yamaha PCY 1553 ride, Alesis DM pad 12 Crash. No name drum shells, Roland High hat controler and Cymbals, Drum Pedal; undecided and confused


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            What I was trying to say is that the e-drums only will be as good as the weakest link. Your guest drummers will compare the performance of your set to their a-drums. Drums need a stout amplifications system to sound good. Consider a 15-18 inch sub-woofer rather than a the seat thumper so the whole group can feel the bottom. I know you are not going on tour with this set up so implement your plan and adjust to your taste and budget.