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Cake Pan Positioning

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  • Cake Pan Positioning

    Hi Guys and Gals,

    I'm building a new cake pan set (Pics to come). I received my Fat Daddio cake pans today and have tried seating them in the shells. The 9" pan fits snugly and level inside the 10" tom. However, the 11" and 13" pans don't quite sit level. On one side, the lip of the pan isn't in contact with the bearing edge. If you tap on that side of the pan, the entire pan wobbles inside the drum. It's slight but definitely noticeable and theres definitely no such wobble with the 10" tom. I can't recall having any such movement with my last cake pan build either.

    I'm pretty sure the pan is centred properly. I've tried insulating the side of the pan with foam tape. This ensures a snug fit but part of the lip of the can is still sitting above the bearing edge on 1 side. I've inspected the inner surface of the drum and there's no debris or protruding bolts etc. I've also tried the pan on both sides of the drums to make sure it wasn't an unevenly worn bearing edge problem. Furthermore, the 13" pan I tried on both my 14" floor tom and 14" snare drum and the problem exists with both drums (which suggests that the pan is the problem rather than 2 drums). The only thing I can think of is that the pan isn't perfectly circular (maybe damaged during shipping?).

    Just wondering if any of you have noticed this with your cake pans, and whether it'll cause any significant triggering problems, and whether there's any fix - other than buying new pans of course!

    Would appreciate your thoughts!

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    The pans are clearly not circular. I've just put them upside down on my table and there are some parts of the rim that are not in contact with the table. Clearly a defective product. Who ever wanted to eat an oval cake!


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      Hmmm...I've ordered many of these in various sizes and never had a bad one. Either send it back or tweak it. They are very pliable aluminum so a slight adjustment should be fairly simple with a tap or two.
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