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New A-to-E conversion done!

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  • New A-to-E conversion done!

    Just finished converting this old Tama Swingstar kit. I used the crossbar method for the toms and installed a Roland KD8 in the bass drum. I am really pleased with the rewrap, which is upholstery fabric and cost about $25 to do the whole set. Thanks to folks who provided advice on cutting down the depth of the kick, which I shaved some inches off of, along with the '80s power rack tom.
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    Upholstery fabric ? Nice
    looks like drum wrap.

    Can you take a few more detailed pics and provide specs on what you used? is it that glossy/plasticky stuff they use on diner chairs?
    looks great!
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      Neat! Looks very nice


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        Great job!!!
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          Nicely done!
          I like the color too!
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            Very cool! The fabric looks FAB!
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              Originally posted by racer52 View Post
              Upholstery fabric ? Nice
              looks like drum wrap.

              Can you take a few more detailed pics and provide specs on what you used? is it that glossy/plasticky stuff they use on diner chairs?
              looks great!
              The fabric is what would be used on diner booths or bar stools. There are 2 posts on other drum forums that set out the details for this project pretty well, with pics. They are linked below. I went right over the old wrap, after roughing it up with 220 grit sandpaper because I heard it gave a smoother finish (and was less work), but you could strip the old wrap if you wanted to. I laid the fabric out on a table, measured it 400 times, and then cut it with my wife's fabric shears (shhh!). I covered maybe 3/8 to 1/2 an inch of each shell, plus the bearing edges, with painter's tape, and cut the fabric to allow for this gap on each edge of the shell. Others on the posts below did not allow quite this much space at the edges, but it worked fine for me, as the heads/rims covered up the gap. Leaving too much may have made the shells too thick. To glues the fabric on, I suspended the shell on a 2X4 sitting on 2 saw horses, sprayed adhesive on the shell and fabric, and slowly applied the fabric. I am not the greatest at these types of OCD tasks, but it was surprisingly easy to do. I used 3M general purpose "45" spray, which was very forgiving if I needed to pull the fabric off to get rid of wrinkles or realign it. One can of adhesive was enough, with extra to spare. I would not use a more heavy duty spray as it would set up much faster, and this is plenty sticky. For the toms, I ended up carefully cutting the fabric at the seam so there would be less of a bulge there, but for the bass I just overlapped it. One nice thing about using the fabric is that there was only one seam for the bass. (I think with regular wrap, it comes in sheets and results in 2 seams on most bass drums). Some folks used superglue in a gel form to glue the seams, but I did not need to do so. For the holes to reattach the hardware, I just stuck the tip of a soldering iron through each shell hole. For larger holes, I trimmed with a razor. (Don't use a drill bit, as the bit will snag the fabric). Based on comments on the other forums a lot of folks have done this with equally good results, and the fabric has reportedly held up for several years. I would think twice about using it on a nice kit, but for a beater, it's a great way to get a nice finish.

              I got the fabric from here, but your local fabric store may have it too:
              Here's a selection of heavier weight vinyl and pleather fabrics manufactured for home decorating.

              More details and pics on how to d this are here:
              Discussions about vintage Pearl Drums and other classic kits. If you want to know about the kits from yesteryear, this is the place to find out.