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Cymbal Choking

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  • Cymbal Choking

    Greetings, new member here. I don't know if this has been addressed previously, but in case it hasn't, it might be helpful. I found that shorting the tip to the sleeve of any trigger will mute that trigger's assigned sound. I wired a female mono 1/4" jack in-line with each of my crash cymbal cords. Splice the tip wire of the cord to the tip lead of the jack and the same with the sleeve wire. Plug in any momentary contact switch ( keyboard sustain pedals are perfect) and you have cymbal choking pedals wherever you want them on the floor. They seem to choke faster than squeezing the edge of the cymbal triggers. I've been using this method for quite a while with no probs at all. It's nice having the pedals right by my hi-hat foot for when I don't feel like applying a Vulcan Death Grip to the trigger edge. Again, apologies if this has already been suggested.
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    That is a cool variation on the cymbal choke! It might be out there ?? - Pretty much common knowledge about a switch being the choke - but it seems to always be on the cymbal. Nice way to introduce yourself!

    I like it. maybe even a mute all pedal?

    When you get some time let us know about your kit...module, pads,

    you can edit your profile and add that kind of stuff
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      Interesting! There might be a need for something like that. Yes what about a programmable foot switch for 'choke all' and then switch to next drum kit or change pitch by one octave or something similar?
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