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DTX-502 Piezo/Switch/Switch Snare

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  • DTX-502 Piezo/Switch/Switch Snare

    I know that the Snare inputs on the DTX-502 are piezo / switch / switch, but does the piezo modulate the note volume of the rim shot / stick sound, or is that always 127? I'm DIY'ing my triggers, and I'm currently looking into using Piezo/Piezo into the tom inputs, or using Piezo/Piezo/Piezo driving the Keith Raper switch. If you use a Tom input for your snare, does it still work with all the onboard functions like training modes, etc?? I guess I can always run cowbell off the "Snare" input if I'm using the Tom for snare.
    Yamaha DTX-502, KP65 kick, TP100 snare, RHH130 hats, TP65 toms, PCY130S crash. PCY150S ride