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A2E Roland KD-140 Bass Drum Conversion!

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  • A2E Roland KD-140 Bass Drum Conversion!

    Hey Guys!

    I've had a few peole ask for my specs on what I did when I made my Acoust'ric kit last year and more importantly the design of my bass drum. I thought I'd re-post a few pictures of the minor details that play a huge part in my design that I didn't share originally. Check it out!

    Fake Metal Flange & Custom Bass Hoop (Batter Side):
    To achieve the look of a full 20" bass head on the batter side- (and yes I'm picky! haha)- I cut the flange of a 20" head from my friends at Evans and secured it in place on the wooden bass hoop. Now on the inside of the batter side hoop, I inlayed a beveled 10 ply ring of maple to create a ledge that sits flush along the squared edge of the bass drum shell. I averaged out the depth of a regular bass drum hoop with a drumhead in place, and mirrored that on the inside of the edge with how far I would create the seat for the shell. It sit's roughly 1/4" in from the bottom of the bass hoop. You can see the overhead view in the next picture.

    Interior 14" KD-140.
    For the KD-140 trigger to work properly plus be able to easily take it in and out, I did a 50% Off-set with the lugs on the 14" in comparison to the 20".

    Quick Release JST Connectors:
    I'm lucky to have a father who loves wiring and his RC Planes, so JST connectors were kicking around my shop from his Plane and helicopter builds. So I spliced my Stock KD-140 wire to the trigger, and added a female end on the wire, and did the same with the wire going to my output on my Acoust'ric bass drum. The trigger, I simply added the male end to the wire, and now I can remove it in 5 minutes and put it in my other bass drum. Simply transfer the head, and I'm good to go!

    Voila! My A2E Kit is complete


    Roland TD-30KV | Roland Studio Capture Interface | NMCD Acous'tric Hybrid Conversion Kit | JH Audio In-Ear Monitors Artist | Promark Artist

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    Very nicely done
    Roland TD-12 Ludwig A2E 5pc kit, VH-11
    Studio Drummer, Abbey Road 60's 70's 80's, AD2, SSD4, SD3
    Komplete Audio 6, JBL Eon 515XT, Mackie FX12, DAW Studio One 3


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        Well designed and built!