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Closing the loop - using an e-cajon with sampled cajon sounds!

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  • Closing the loop - using an e-cajon with sampled cajon sounds!

    Just for fun, I have made a small video when playing on my e-cajon using Addictive Drums 2 and their Cajon Kit Piece Pack. (Sounds from a Valter Cajon and recorded at Riksmixningsverket by XLN Audio)

    Playing with a e-cajon using e-sounds of a cajon...I think I have closed the loop or....:-)


    For more information - please visit www.e-cajon.com or www.xlnaudio.com

    Best Regards

    Pearl CrystalBeat and Sonor Safari, Roland CY-14/13R/15R/12CR,RT-10/30,BT-1,VH-11/12/13 & KD-10, Dingbat,Triggera D14, D11, ATV AD-h14, PCY-155, 120MHz MD with PS board, 2box 3/5/5MKII, dd4SE, Yamaha DTX502, Addictive Drums 2.1.19. All ADpaks, Microsoft Surface PRO, Macbook, Pearl Throne Thumper, Zourman HH & Ride Conv Kit www.zourman.com