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center mounted trigger on acoustic kick (e-conversion)

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  • center mounted trigger on acoustic kick (e-conversion)

    Who here is happy with their centered kick trigger? I'm considering this option because my lug positions don't allow for an off centered or side mounted trigger unless it's to one side, not directly above or below the beater.
    I'm really pleased with the Quartz trigger I have installed on an 8" tom (center), but it's impossible to gauge from this tom how well it would work on a 20" bass. With the bass drum I'm concerned about retrigger. I won't want to have to dial up retrigger cancel too high. Currently it's only at about 6 with the off center trigger.

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    My trigger is on a crossbar that runs between two opposite lugs at 7 o clock and 1 o clock. Its about a couple of inches above the beater strike area and triggers great.


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      I run a "mini cross bar" between the top 2 lugs on all my kick builds. 14SK resize12.jpg
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        If I were in the e-drum aftermarket business I would offer a product like that mini crossbar. That looks very marketable to me.
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        TD-30 module, PDP A2E (22, 16, 14, 12, 10), Quartz triggers,
        VH11 hi-hat, PD125 (snare), Roland cymbals, Peavey KB4 monitor, Audio-Technica ATH-M50
        Axis A21 Sabres, Axis A Longboards


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          Hi Bud7h4.
          You should to know, those triggers are very sensitive. Either with a cross bar, the pan cake method or the harness system, building an electronic pad with larger shell over 16" is a little trickier. So, whatever the mounting system, you would need to fill the back of the head or maybe the entire volume of the shell with foam to prevent the trampoline effect that cause double triggering. I always supply one longer strap with the harness system to off set the trigger from the beater. Only one or two inches beside the beater spot is enough to avoid any damage of the trigger.

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            I agree, I wouldn't center mount a Quartz trigger on a kick. Mine is several inches off center.

            Daniel, love the mini crossbar. Great way to side mount the trigger.

            I was thinking of moving to Intrigg's from my Quartz triggers because of hot spots. Maybe all I really need to do is cut my cross bar down like yours. Hmmmmmmm.


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              on my old mini conversion I used an angle bracket with a foam isolated platform then the trigger.
              the trigger is about 3" from the rim and slightly off center - can't tell it when playing mesh head - is a bit trampoline like. it has been this way for a few years and I am used to it. I'll upgrade it to a mounted reflection plate pad after I get my grandsons kit done.
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