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Electronc to Acoustic Anyone?

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  • Electronc to Acoustic Anyone?

    I need to remote trigger a beater for a gong and possibly more, I currently am thinking of a remote Cajon Pedal Dixon PP9290CP and getting a longer cable from gokartgalaxy.com or some other place. If this works I may need several other ones as well like for Tambourine, Concert Bass Drum etc... I think a set of addressable pedals and remote beaters would be better and hopefully cheaper as this would only be used for practice.

    Any and all thoughts (electronic or mechanical) would be appreciated especially if this is something you have already worked with.

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    Can't really see any savings with using electronics because you'll end up with the same amount of pedals or having to change sounds some how. Plus you'll need sounds and amplification. I also think the remote pedal is the way forward.


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      Found this after I posted, something like this would work if it was stronger.
      Then just need cheap pedal (Hansenfutz Futz Practice Pedal or cheaper), wire, and battery power between. Some kind of potentiometer at the pedal so travel and speed were the same at the remote end.
      The more I think about it electronic remote pedals are long overdue! (Probably already available LOL)


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        Why not trigger samples, using Roland KT-10 and TM-2?
        E-kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vpx92wez8v...3558.jpg?raw=1
        A-kit: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vxkwbj1rv7...345-1.jpg?raw=1
        TD-30, KT10, PD-105/125, 13" DIY + BT-1, VH-11/CY14/15/5, PM-30, HD-280 Pro


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          You want a "triggerized" beater or pedal?
          electronic drum triggers >>> | electronic cymbals >>>

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            Yea a beater triggered by a pedal is what I am trying to accomplish. This is a concert band and I doubt samples would fly, itís mainly for when we don't have enough percussionists at rehearsal.