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Quick attachment clips for a Crappy Trigger

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  • Quick attachment clips for a Crappy Trigger

    To install a Crappy Trigger to a drum rim you have to completely remove two drum lugs. This was a bit of a pain for me because, every time I pack up my drums, I have to remove the Crappy Trigger from my snare in order for it to fit in my drum case. I figured that slotted clips attached to the trigger's mounting zip ties would make it easier and quicker to remove it and attach it. In my workshop junk drawer, I found two items that did the trick. I believe they are clips used to mount a stainless steel sink to a countertop. They are aluminum and so are easy to drill and file. I used a hacksaw and cut off the bottom tang, then drilled a couple holes and did some filing to make the slot. Amazingly, the bolt in the original piece was the same size and thread as my drum lugs, so I shortened a couple extra lugs with a hacksaw and used the lugs and the threaded hole that was already there to mount the trigger to the slotted clips. This allows everything to be tightened with a drum key. To install the trigger you just loosen the lugs a little and slide the slot of the clips between the top of the lug and the washer and then retighten the lugs. The clips just stay on the Crappy Trigger. I think it works great and looks decent as well. I hope some may find this useful.
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    Hart Dynamics Studio AX; Alesis DMPro modules; Hart Hammer pads; Crappy Trigger; Pearl Powershifter double bass pedal; Roc-N-Soc throne; dB Technologies S-400 for amplification; headphones (audio-technica ATH-M50, Sony MDR-CD380).