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Can a DTXpress IV Module be used for a DIY Acoustic-Electric?

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  • Can a DTXpress IV Module be used for a DIY Acoustic-Electric?

    I've noticed that used yamaha's are pretty reasonable. I've been looking at a particular DTXPress IV and a DTXtreme IIs... Would both of those brains be capable of working with some DIY triggers? I managed to get 5 triggers for 7.50 on eBay, so I'm eager to get a brain to start messing with.
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    The DTXtreme IIS is the one to get. Most tweakable and the most inputs.

    Get some L brackets and install your piezos on the side of the shells. A potentiometer would have been nice since the piezos may be a little on the hot side for the input signal. Maybe later.

    Don't expect amazing sounds from the module, but it would make a killer setup with VSTs.
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      I'm with Perceval here, DTXtreme II is the one to get if you're choosing between those particular modules.


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        I suppose it may come down to the price I can get them for. Its actually going to be a full kit, but I want to make my acoustic into triggers too, hence the questions! One other... If i were to get the full yamaha kit, am I able to use the pads with a roland brain? and vice versa? Or are the roland and yamaha pads different?


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          Also remember that Yamaha usually uses switches for rim triggering so you won't get rim sounds with traditional piezo triggers
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            Yeah, Yamaha uses piezo/switch to trigger their stuff, most others uses piezo/piezo. Although on newer Yamaha modules like the 500, 700 and 900 series the tom-inputs on the brain is actually piezo/piezo.
            So I, using a Yamaha DTX500 module and Triggera Intrigg triggers (say that fast 5 times!) can get a dual-zoned snare or tom by plugging the drums into the tom-inputs of the module. So if it isn't too big of a leap in cost I'd say look for a DTX500 module, or even better, a DTX502.
            Any normal piezo-trigger should work on basically every drum module out there. Just remember that if you really want that dual-zoned snare or if you're making your own cymbal triggers and want those dual-zoned then you'll have to either make them piezo/switch (I don't know how tricky that is) to get them to be multizoned or use a newer Yamaha module and plug the piezo/piezo triggers into the tom inputs and manually change the sound of each zone on the pads on every kit in the module.


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              Just before reading this I just jumped the gun on a yamaha DTXpress IV Special on eBay. I really think I got a great price, but I've just started a poll to make sure I have!
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