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Trigger both head and rim through a drumsplitter?

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  • Trigger both head and rim through a drumsplitter?

    Im running a drumsplitter on my TD-11KV. I split Tom1 into two toms for a total of four toms. Toms 1&2 are connected via the splitter so they only have a head trigger (toms 3&4 trigger both head and rim).

    This gets a bit convoluted here so please bear with me.

    Id like to wire toms 1&2 to allow the rim to also trigger when hit, similar to the head. I tried wiring a TS mono plug to a TRS stereo plug with the tip wire from the TS connecting to both the tip and ring on the TRS plug. As a test, I plugged the TS mono plug into the splitter and the TRS stereo plug into the drum pad. My thought here was when hitting either the head or rim on the pad it would trigger through the drumsplitter. It seems to be working but Im losing some sensitivity and volume. Any ideas or am I asking for too much?


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    I've done this with a megadrum and the signals do drop. They're low impedance so you are spreading the load, so to speak.


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      Do you have piezos on the rims? The easiest way (only way?) to get dual zone is to have dual inputs.
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        So what I'm seeing (lower sensitivity and volume) is probably to be expected. I'm not sure about the piezos, the pads are PDX100's. The good news, at least it sounds like my cable/plug build is correct. I'll just leave it as is.

        Thanks guys......