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Triggered acoustic vs electronic pad

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  • Triggered acoustic vs electronic pad

    Just wondering how the triggering abilities of an acoustic kit with mesh heads and Ddrum triggers would compare to say that of the Roland pads?

    I'm assuming the Roland pads would be more accurate to justify their price otherwise everyone would be triggering acoustics?

    I'll be using the TD-9 module so positional sensing wouldn't be an issue. Just wondering if this would be a worthwhile exercise?

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    I'll stick my neck out and say that with a TD-9 and smallish drums (10 or 12"), the difference is minimal.
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      As I just set all this up last night, I can tell you that there is virtually no difference in terms of the triggering. A triggered mesh head on an acoustic set responds pretty much the same as the Roland electronic pad.

      I cannot speak as to how the DDrum triggers would work for the Roland module. I "splurged" for the Roland triggers. The big difference being that I could actually specify the triggers in the "Pad Settings" of my Roland module. It did make a little bit of difference on how the hits were picked up, especially when I was playing quickly or with a lot of dynamics. I'm sure the DDrum triggers work, I just don't know if you would need to change your pad setting in the module or not, or what you would set it to (I don't know how much of a difference that really makes anyway).


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        I use the Ddrum Pro triggers with Hart Dynamic mesh heads with the TD3 and TD10. They work fine. My DIY triggers work much better in my opinion especially for the price. Note that I use the crossbar approach for my triggers. So that may be the difference.

        If I had to do it all over again and I knew what I know now from reading the threads, I would have saved all that money spent and Ddrum triggers and cables, and built all my triggers.
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