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How to make a cheap drumkit sound good!

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  • How to make a cheap drumkit sound good!


    I just saw this video being linked on Facebook by Cobus Potgieter, a rather famous Youtube-drummer. It's a video of him and a drummerbuddy of his (Jared Falk) showing how to make a cheap acoustic drumkit sound surprisingly good!
    Even though this forum is manly for electronic drums and most acoustic drums being shown around here are converted into electonic, I think this video could be useful to some of you



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    They uploaded a longer, uncut 45min video just now with more tips & tricks!


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      All good advice, but they didn't really do anything you wouldn't do on a good set either. Just all standard advice - but I like Jared and Drumeo, and the advice can make a difference.

      The QUICK and EASY way is to just add Evans E-rings, Aquarian Studio Rings, or Rem-Os. They are magical.

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      Roland KD-9 Kick / DIY Snare (1 zone with DTX...)


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        I do allot of drum tech-ing these days and pride myself on being able to make any kit sound great...I recently re-headed a CB 700 5 pc kit and made it sound every bit as good as kits 5 times the cost.I've found over almost 45 years of playing/tech-ing that the majority of drummers I've encountered simply don't know how to tune in any way shape or form,I get much of my repeat business from studios for me to tune their house kits for sessions.I recently went to a guys house/studio and he had a 5k DW kit with gold plated hardware,beautiful finish and all the bells and whistles...AND about 10 pounds of bloody duct tape on brand new Remo heads!...education is the key..this kit sounded like smacking down pillows and he couldn't figure out why.
        Anyway, if you know how to tune,have a good ear and a sound head choice any kit can sound great.