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mesh heads

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  • mesh heads

    Hi, Ive been using mesh heads on my acoustic kit for triggering. Im trying to find a uk/european stockist of a 22 Hart magnum head. Can anyone help please?
    Ive used z -eds before but they don't feel so natural. (single ply) Has anyone used the triple ply one? Thanks

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    Ive got triple x's on my a2e and I like them. Ive got a 22" Zed triple on my bass drum and I like the combination of the head, my foam behind the head and my diy trigger.


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      Kennyin, Do you have the Z ed tripps on all your shells or just the kick? Digital drummer says they are the quietest mesh they have tested. How is the rebound , less than Roland or more than Roland? How does it compare to other meshes you have played?
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        Mottle, Hart has stopped production, so you won't find any. You can read up on your options here: https://www.distribly.com/product/2001
        . digitalDrummer
        Review index


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          Single Zeds are only any good for bottom heads but the 2ply are better for top heads,Kenny swears by the 3ply so I think I might have to try one for myself. Kenny how tight can you get the snare head, I have my 14" Roland head real tight.


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            We're pretty satisfied with zeds ... Using it now almost exclusively on our sets ...
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