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Zildjian Z custom cymbals opinions

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  • Zildjian Z custom cymbals opinions

    Hi guys,

    I am looking at going for a second hand Z custom 16 rock crash and 20 power ride. I have done some general digging around and the opinion seems to be Z customs are very loud and only suited to play metal/rock which is what i do.

    As far as opinions on the actual sound and quality of them i cannot seem to find too much information.

    Doe anyone own/used them that can give a little more on the sound other than been loud?

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    I found the z's very heavy and hard to get moving tone wise a bit dull and just not versatile at all ( thats the crashes) the ride is poing fast and cuts well but didnt have any nice sustain in it... but that just me.. others may love them.


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      Same as Mark. I consider Z's a cross from Rudes to A's... on the hard side. Harsh, fast and dull.

      Look at the 21" A Rock ride. I think you'd like it far better.

      As for a good 16/17" crash; again, I'd look at the A Customs. Brilliant, if you can budget it.

      If you want hard with great tonal balance, look at Paiste's Sigs.
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        I have a 20" Z Custom China that I just cant get used to. I have had it for 15 years and I still just don't think it sounds right. To get any trashy sound out of it I have to smack the crap out of it. It is insanely loud after that and drowns out the sound of the rest of my drums. Overall, I don't recommend them. Even for metal I don't recommend them.
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          Yeh I agree with the others...loud and not so musical...we'll...to my ears anyway.