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hipgig,portables,what'd ya think?

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  • hipgig,portables,what'd ya think?

    I'm looking for a small kit that i can use for teaching,weddings,band practices and maybe some d&b/jungle gigs.I can get a great deal on discounted yamaha maple customs.18"kick,7x10",9x13"toms and use one of my small snares.Anyone tried the yamy hipgigs,ayotte traveller,dunnett carman,slingerland expresso?I know this topic was discussed already but that was a year ago.Any new comments?

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    I've played on a Yamaha HipGig kit, which compared wayyyyyy favorably with my only kinda-portable kit I've owned, the Remo Legero. The sound was small, but not bad. Definitely much better than a single-head kit.

    I've even thought of building something similar for myself, using parts thru DSW, like I did with my current acoustic kit. That way, I can control all aspects of how it is put together. 18 x 16 kick, made of two "clamshell" pieces which open up to store 10 x 6 and 13 x 6 toms. Use a 13" piccolo snare, and you've got a stupidly portable kit.

    Since I've got a propensity for finding ways to make many things fit on few stands, I could probably get away with 1 or 2 stands, plus throne & hi-hat.

    Fun to think about... good luck!

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      I play converted early 60's Slingerlands: a 18" w/ 2 mounted toms (12/13"). Pinstripes help with a wet smack I like, but the 5 ply volume is limited. I usually mike with a single overhead. It is a smaller venue kit. I love the hipgig setup but I believe you can custom build one yourself for less money. Loading a couple of cases in cab or trunk is great, especially when the keyboard player is still packing gear.


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        Yeah the pearl conversion kit is cool but my Ayotte 16"tom doesn't have legs.It's a 14x16"hanging tom with a rims mount.I have tried using this as a kick and it doesn't sound that bad but it's not enough sound for me.I want a real 18"kick.I can get the yamy maple customs'18"kick,7x10"and 9x13"toms with tom holder for less than the price of an 18"ayotte kick.I think those sizes in maple will blow away the hipgig type kits soundwise.They just don't collapse together.


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          the yama's sonar's and remo's (my girlfriend gig's with one) are all cool.


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            I have played the Yamaha Rick Marotta (dear),Manu Katche and Sonor Jungle and to be honest it is a close call for me between the Manu Katche and the Sonor.
            The Bass drums of these(particularly the Manu Katche) smoke the Rick Marotta to me for a lot less cash.
            If you were particularly wanting a 16" bass drum you could order a custom one from say Boom Theory,they use a hoop lifter very similar to Ayotte.

            or other companies like Phattie,Precision drum etc.

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              Preimer Artist Birch Club or Jazz Bop kit; see also Trick conversion kit; Danmar Tom Kick Riser.


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                I'm gonna get the yamy maple 16x18",7x10"tom and a 13"or a 14"floor.I don't need them to all fit in the bass drum.The ayotte traveller kit would be killer but it's a fortune and I couldn't use it for"real"gigs.Keep posting,I like to hear what other's have to say.


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                  The Trick conversion kit is just like the Pearl one,you need to have a three legged floor tom to put the legs into it.The Danmar cradle is great but too much money probally.Thanks anyway.


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                    Two thing about the HipGig that I didn't like .....
                    total carrying weight & floor space usage.

                    I gigged for numerous years with a 14x22" kick .... the HipGig kick took up way more real estate.
                    Go with a shallow depth kick, 13" snare, 10" rack & a 14" floor ....
                    small cymbals & flat base stands.
                    Your fellow band members & back will love you for it!.



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                      I got the yamaha maple custom kit.16x18"kick,7x10" and 9x13"toms and a couple of snares that were discounted,a 6x13"steve jordan and a 7x12"vintage maple u.k.series.Looks great.I'm gonna put a Emad on the kick batter and I'll be set.The jazz size toms sound killer already.


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                          Happy but broke for a couple of months.Lol.