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Locked on Yamaha's -- help!

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  • Locked on Yamaha's -- help!

    Hey all.

    Well, its the time to invest in a real kit. A kit that is studio and live worthy that can take the beating of hard rock to the smooth chops of jazz. My taste is on the jazz-funk with a little DMB thrown in. I really have fallen in love with the tone of Yamaha drums. They seem to really adapt and blend with any style. I like em. And what better way to dress em up than with a family of Zildjians, eh? (K's are my personal fav)

    As seen at
    you can see all the kits that Yamaha makes.

    I'm torn between 3 kits, the stage cutom adv split lug, oak custom, and recording custom -- all with the prices increasing repectively. I'm looking for a 7 piece, with is only offered as a package as the stage custom adv split lug.

    Here at http://www.drumcentral.com/drum_sets_24.htm#YamSCAWS
    you can see all of the stage custom split lug kits, with a 7 piece in there. And that natural wood color is gorgeous!

    So has anyone played on these? How did you like them. What kind of heads and cymbals did you use?

    cheers, andy
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    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.

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    Love my Yamahas

    Hey Algee.First of all Happy New Year.I've been using yamahas for about 20 years or so and i can't find a better sounding kit.of course thats my personal preference. I've done countless sessions and toured with them for many years.My choice has always leaned towards recording custom although i've used maple kits when i my kit was not avalible and they sound really good.The things i like about recording customs are1.ease of tuning 2. great attack 3 and the ability to use them in any situation.I've used them playing straight ahead jazz to speed metal and they always sounded GREAT.Somtimes i would have to go into a session and use what ever the studio had. Scary! But often there would be a set of yamahas there.Ive even used Vinnie Calaiutas Yamahas a couple of times.Sounded great!The kick sounds great.solid with with good articulation.The toms have great tone and perfect decay.I can't stress enough how easy they tune up.
    i could go on for ever about the positives, but give them a try.Let me know about you're choice.Good luck.


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      whoa, i feel special. its like im talking to a celebrity! awesome. well its good to hear from another yamaha lover. for price purposes, i was really leaning toward the stage customs. ive used both kits, and the stage customs have a similar tone, but without the warmness and articulation that only money can buy...unless you wanted to buy them for me!

      but now that yamaha has released an upgraded version of the already upgraded stage custom advantage, the new stage custom adv split lugs are much more professionally focused. any thoughts on these? any comments would be usefull!

      keep in touch
      The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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        If the sound you're after is veering toward birch (as it seems to be), I haven't come across a better kit than the Stage Custom Advantage at that price.

        I would offer two points for you.

        First, as good as these drums sound out of the box, you would not believe the difference that a pro set of heads will make. They come fitted with crappy Taiwanese Remos. I changed them for full set of USA Remos for the demo kit at the store I used to work at when they first came out, and the difference was enormous, so I certainly recommend reinvesting some of the money you save by not buying a 'pro' kit into new heads. Of course, the Oaks or the 9000s will come with Remo USAs anyway, but Ambassadors (Oak) or Pinstripes (vomit) (9000) may not be to your taste.

        Second, if you want a bigger kit than the standard 5 piece, make sure you buy it all now while you have the chance. Yamaha have made it clear to most dealers here in the UK that there will be a limited quantity of extra toms (mainly 8" and 16" racks) available ONLY when the kits are. Don't expect to be able to order a new tom in a year or two, 'cause it won't happen. If Yamaha have an odd drum that you want in stock, no problem. If they don't you could be waiting anywhere from 6 months to never.

        Good luck with the kit!


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          damn, i forgot about the heads. i knew, like mot kits, that they would come with remos. but evans heads do wonders for snares. some form of the coated white heads always seem to do a nice job. as far as my toms, i usually have them tuned from very high to very low, not one or the other. (of course, having 5 toms will help that) as far as evans vs. remo on toms, im looking for a clear head without a spot or pinstripe. what version of head would i be looking for for each, and what fo you prefer?
          The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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            Looks like a good deal

            Hello again algee. These look pretty cool. I have never played this kit but they seem to be a good value.My only concern would be not having the choice of conventional sizes.I've always liked the attack and decay of standard sizes.I have played on the deeper toms and they sounded good also,but like i said this is just my personal preference.I would suggest seeing if you can rent a kit for a day.Have new skins ready and try tracking them as you have with other kits.My choice of skins are clear emperors on top and clear ambassadors on bottom of toms.Power strock 3 on the kick with ambassador on front.Of course you probably have your own choices.All this aside i have never played on a yamaha kit i could'nt use. Hope this is helpful.Let me knw how everything goes. Fisher.


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              Oh-ho. You've got me started on heads. Oh dear.

              I was actually pointing out that the SCA's come with Taiwanese Remo, that you should douse in lighter fluid and set on fire immediately. Remo's USA heads are top notch. But I'm an Evans man through and through.

              I have a maple kit, and use G1s on toms (oh the resonance), either clear or coated depending on how much attack I want. However, I would use 2 plys (Evans G2) on birch toms, to make the 'punch' extra punchy, probably coated. G1 clear resonants always.

              I use Genera coated on both my snares (5" Maple, 6" Bronze), but the Power Centre / Center is great if you're looking for something with less finesse and more balls. Kick drum is trial and error, so experiment. I use EQ1 clear batter (single ply), EQ1 Resonant black (full head) for earthquakes, or EQ2 batter (dbl ply), EQ3 Resonant (ported) for miked up and kickin'.

              For lots of toms, say, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, I would be very tempted to use single ply on the 3 smallest and double ply on the bottom 2, especially with birch, where the characteristic depends more on the head. Evans G1 = Remo Ambassador, Evans G2 = Remo Emperor.


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                i've really only taken what was given to me, and didn't completely rebuild my setup. though i have experimented a bit with snare heads, the evans are the only one that cut it. but i'm going to take your advice, it seems the research has already been done for me. i like the descriptions you gave me, and i trust they're right! I'm going to go ahead in about a month and order the new stage custom advantage split lug 7-piece kit, a set of zildjians (i'm still stuck on a ride), and a set of evans heads.

                but for recording purposes, what you you suggest for the bottom head of the toms? i have found that these do little more than adjust the sustain time. what do you suggest for these?
                The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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                  re: resonant head on toms

                  Generally, your tom reso head should be a single ply to encourage sustain. It's better to have too much and remove some than not have enough. These can be selected as thin, generally 7mil (Remo Diplomat or Evans Resonant - NOT Genera resonant) or medium, generally 10mil (Remo Ambassador / Evans G1 clear / Evans Genera resonant). The thins are supposed to have more sustain, but I've found that to be neglible. They do however, promote the higher pitched overtones more than the mediums, and for that reason I've never much liked them.

                  Bear also in mind that the colour does have an affect. Evans Resonant Blacks are a 10mil head of black film that sound 'drier' than the clears for some reason - same sound, less sustain. The natural shell/black head combination is also a winner imo.

                  The exception to this rule is the Evans Genera Resonant. They're a bit more difficult to come by, but they're a 10mil head that somehow promotes higher overtones. Hmmm.

                  Info overload, I'm off to bed!


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                    whoa guys! thanks for such a geat response. Any other suggestions on heads and the such before I make my commitment?
                    The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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                        Originally posted by Troll Patrol
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                          so now that the kids are done playing, does anyone else have a suggestion. I've just got to get this figured out soon. thanks.
                          The best damn kid in the record industry. Maybe.


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                              Originally posted by Algee
                              so now that the kids are done playing, does anyone else have a suggestion.
                              Hey the 13 yr old is talking about kids playing. Thats a laugh. Not as funny as when everybody on the board was ignoring him and he didn't understand why.